Release Notes

About neurothinkTM Beta

neurothink Beta is now available: an MLaaS platform that allows you to to get into your environment, start developing your model, train it, compare it, optimize it, and deploy it. You can quickly access a historical instance to clone your existing work, make any desired modifications, and rerun your model.

The platform starts with our own hardware in a tier III data center with 10ms access time around the US.  We went on to build/select our own architecture, hypervisor layer, custom APIs, and security with VMware, Nvidia and others as partners.

Major features we’re excited to share with you:  

  • One browser window, no downloads

  • Unlimited access to a CLI & GUI development environment (Jupyter notebook)

  • Dynamically choose your training resource and watch your model train

  • Easily keep track of results and organize your projects with our unique tree view

  • Instances, datasets and artifacts persist within your active and inactive projects

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